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Escalate your service expectations.

Johnson & Rountree Premium's commitment to achieving maximum results while delivering premium service mandates that we use every tool at our disposal to recover your accounts. Our focus on recoveries ensures that your customers are completely satisfied with the collection process.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Johnson & Rountree Premium representatives possess the training and knowledge to address your providers' concerns on every call. When handling provider issues, our team delivers the highest possible level of customer service. Our representatives also receive intensive follow-up instruction on healthcare industry standards, coding, coordination of benefits, healthcare contracting concepts and the policies specific to your company. When your providers have questions, we will supply prompt, accurate answers.

Technical Expertise

We combine our knowledge with technical capabilities to deliver premium service to the providers within your network. Our experienced recovery specialists utilize access to insurance claim systems to defend, support, and justify refund requests in response to inquiries. Johnson & Rountree Premium associates also have access to on-demand clerical assistance and a service support team to assist in the resolution of accounts. We offer the latest in reporting capabilities to supply information to your providers in order to create efficiency within the recovery process.

Results through Partnership

Our recovery process involves a working partnership with you and your valued customers and providers. We understand there is a key balance between satisfaction within your network and maximizing your recoveries; our processes are designed to achieve both goals. At Johnson & Rountree Premium, superior service is demonstrated on every call. Our existing business relationships with some of the nation's largest health insurance carriers mean we may have already exceeded the expectations of the providers in your network with our commitment to premium service.