By Sarah O'Malley

personal blog about education, health, psychology, sport and home


For those of you interested in learning more about health in recovery, this site is now devoted to the maintenance of health (mind, body and nutrition knowledge) for the addict and alcoholic in recovery. The site will touch on general information (including blogs) that is informative for everyone but as a primary focus, stark raving health will be devoted to addicts and alcoholics wanting to learn about getting healthier after recovering from addiction to the best of my ability: thank you.

Welcome to stark raving health-a site that offers insights, referenced knowledge and information about health issues in the mind and body and in nutrition for people struggling with health issues in general and with issues surrounding addiction and alcoholism - For those wanting to learn more about it from an objective standpoint, semi-subjective point or because you just want to learn more about you, your body and your mind, you've stumbled into the right place.


In addition to what you read here about health, there are sites, databases and FAQ's that will help you arrive (to the best of my ability) answers about health and, in a more sensitive and stark raving too real to deal issue, addiction and alcoholism and living healthy after recovery.

I have provided a RESOURCES page for insta-answers to specific questions about health, addiction and other looming and life threatening issues that experts in a given area can better answer than I could and that I might not have been able to fully disclose for you for your full benefit.

SRH is devoted to making the most out of your experience here so take advantage of all of our pages and be sure to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments. This site might just be what you were looking for as a gateway to other helpful sites, to knowledge you weren't so knowledgeable about--'til now.